Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Ring Doorbell WiFi Issues

Ring WiFi doorbell is a smart and convenient tech-based tool that is useful for almost every home. Ring doorbells are different from traditional doorbells and can do more than them. While an ordinary doorbell notifies you that someone has arrived at your doorstep, the Ring doorbell allows you to communicate with that person. These bells work on a WiFi connection and consist of a motion sensor-based camera. But, the problem arises when the user starts facing Ring doorbell WiFi issues. Well, that is something that can’t be ignored.

Are you also concerned by Ring doorbell WiFi issues? Yes? No worries! Not every user has a rosy experience with the Ring doorbell all the time. However, by performing some workarounds, you can easily do away with WiFi connectivity issues with your Ring doorbell. This post covers all those troubleshooting tips. Before walking through them, learn why you are facing Ring doorbell WiFi issues.

Reasons Behind Ring Doorbell WiFi Issues

A list of factors forcing you to face WiFi issues with your Ring doorbell are mentioned below:

  • Poor WiFi signals from the extender
  • Electricity issue
  • Outdated firmware of your Ring doorbell
  • Technical glitches

Now that you have become acquainted with the reasons leading to Ring doorbell WiFi issues, it is time to shed light on troubleshooting techniques to get them resolved.

 ring doorbell wifi issues

Fixed: Ring Doorbell WiFi Issues

Ensure Proper WiFi Signals

To eliminate Ring doorbell WiFi issues, you need to ensure that your doorbell is getting proper signals from the extender. But, is it possible with the wrong placement of your WiFi device? The location of your extender is considered wrong if it is placed near mirrors, fish tanks, metal appliances, and thick concrete walls. Thus, place your extender away from such things.

Additionally, devices like microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, treadmills, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, cellular phones, etc. can also mess up WiFi signals. So, ensure that none of these devices comes between the paths of WiFi signals approaching your Ring doorbell.

Check Power Source

The electricity issue can occur due to two reasons. And, the best part is that you can fix the issue in both cases. The primary reason behind the electricity issue with your Ring doorbell is the use of a short-circuited power outlet. Therefore, check whether what we have assumed is true or not. If it is, then the time to use another wall outlet for powering up the Ring doorbell has come.

Another reason that creates electricity issues might be unexpected power outages. So, use a UPS in that case. If your Ring doorbell is battery operated, ensure that it has enough battery to stay connected to WiFi. And yes, don’t forget to check the stability of the power being supplied to your extender.

Update the Firmware

Your Ring doorbell runs on instructions given by the software embedded in it. This software is referred to as firmware by techies. It needs to be updated regularly so that Ring doorbell issues can be kept at bay.

But, it seems that you didn’t pay heed to the firmware update of your Ring doorbell. To get Ring doorbell WiFi issues fixed, update your WiFi doorbell as soon as possible. In case you are not familiar with the Ring doorbell firmware update process, contact our experts for quick assistance.

Reboot Your Ring Doorbell

Technical glitches can impact any device at any time. These technical glitches can also invite Ring doorbell WiFi issues. Don’t worry! You can fix these glitches with the simplest hack. All you have to do is reboot your Ring doorbell.

First of all, unplug your Ring doorbell from the power source. Thereafter, let the WiFi doorbell rest for a while. Once done, re-plug your Ring doorbell into the power source. Now, see whether the connectivity issue with the Ring doorbell has been fixed or not.


If nothing helps to fix Ring doorbell connectivity issues, then it is suggested to restore the Ring doorbell to the factory default mode. You just have to press the Reset button carefully. Lastly, you have to do the whole setup again.

Wrap Up

That’s all about how to resolve Ring doorbell WiFi issues. Hopefully, the tips discussed above will help you resolve the connectivity issue with the Ring doorbell. If you are still having no luck, contact our experts and let them handle your problem.

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